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Company J.K.J. exists in the footwear industry since 1996. With our business for over 16 years has earned us a wide range of customers in the Polish, as well as abroad: Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, and Russia. 

We specialize in selling stylish footwear for men, women and children. Shoes that we offer our customers come from Polish manufacturers that provide high-quality performance, remarkable comfort and convenience of use.

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kozaki-nessi-28102-camel-51 Jkj company has development dynamics, flexibility and rapid response to changing market needs. Systematically follow the latest trends in this shoe and prepare for our offer. At least two times a year we organize an exhibition of shoes, which are designed to provide customers with new collections by the manufacturers. This meeting also serves as a form of exchange of views with representatives of the Polish footwear industry. The values ​​that are the foundation of our business are: reliability, honesty and individual approach to the customer. 35202-camel-912 325zl-2
dp11 We offer a footwear manufacturers such as: Aga, Nessi, Acord, Alimex (Alberto Violli), Baldowski, Błażej, J. Szydłowski, Pamar, Lizard, Lemar, Piechur Bis (Dolce Pietro), Pollonus, Adpol (Luca Cavialli), Trio, Libero, Sala, Rammit, E&P (Laura Messi), Escott, Łukbut, Poland. 

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